A Redux recovery...

1. Wet Phone?

It can happen to anyone.  That “Oh no!” moment when your phone gets wet.  You forget that its in your pocket or you jump in the water without thinking.  We all make mistakes, Redux can fix them.

2. Don't Plug it in!

What to do after you get your phone wet?  Put it in rice?  Nope.  Plug it into a wall charger?  NOPE.  Plugging in your device will almost certainly break it.  If your device gets wet turn it off, don’t plug it in, and find a Redux location near you.

Redux has over 2100 locations nationwide so chances are we’re close by!  Find a store near you and we can recover your device and data in under an hour.

What is Redux?

Redux is a drying machine that can safely remove all moisture from any of your personal electronics.  It uses vacuum pressure to lower the boiling point of water to safely remove it without damaging your device.  Redux guarantees 100% of the moisture inside your device is removed 100% of the time with our patented end-point drying technology.  Redux is not limited to just phones.  If it runs on a battery and can fit inside the machine, we can dry it for you!

Partnering with Redux...

More Than Just Phones...

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